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kisses Katja : I don’t have regrets about anything.

All I am saying is that working as a porn star comes with some issues that you will have to deal with and my priorities have changed now.

I want her to say with a proud tone in her voice: “my daughter teaches German classes in L. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in relationships anymore because of what I do.

Three years later she crossed over into porn after meeting German porn star Dru Berrymore.

She now lives in the United States and has been for five years. The DVD is being released in her home country this Friday also.

I have met amazing friends and had many good times.

But also of course you gain a little, you loose a little so there is a price that I paid for that. I will always have to deal with judgments until I die.

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I have put the gains to good use in my life and now I am looking at the other side of the calculation and I am realizing I have grown up and moved into a different direction. You are hating on your parents anyway, you think you don’t need anyone and people talking shit about you makes you feel more important.