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Currently if I do an import, it adds additional event instead of updating existing event on my Outlook calendar.


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I need to re-import events but I want to make sure that the existing events are updated.This strategy helps ensure you access only the item types you want… To add a reminder to the appointment, we need to set its pattern = . Well, how about we, as nice developers, provide a feature that informs the organizer the response status of each requested attendee? Next it loops through the collection and displays each Recipient object’s Meeting Response Status. The Delete Appointment Items procedure takes care of unwanted appointments. No more clicking each meeting and responding individually. After creating the Appointment Item and setting some typical properties, we move create the reminder (Reminder Set = True) and the Recurrence pattern. A meeting invitation is an Appointment Item with attendees.The code loops through the folder’s items collection and prints out its message class. Creating a recurring appointment is a bit more involved than you might think it would be. But they don’t have to because Outlook lets you approve or reject the meeting without notifying the organizer. This is the scenario I have in mind for the Send Meeting Responses routine. With the collection in-hand we filter to include only meeting requests. For each Outlook meeting request, we do as directed by the plan To Attend parameter and send the response.Using the message class, you quickly filter a folder’s items to the objects you desire. I stated previously that you can only create Appointment Items with code (and that you can’t create Meeting Items)… Here is how it’s done: First we use the Create Item method to create the Appointment Item. This situation is due to the fact that you need to create a Reccurance Pattern object for the appointment. This is rude and forces the organizer to open the meeting on their calendar and check to see who will attend. This snippet uses the passed Appointment Item and grabs its Recipients collection. Slightly annoying to show a message box for each recipient? If you create items, you will want to delete items. Before ending, the routine deletes the meeting requests from the inbox.

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Enabling/Disabling Cached Exchange Mode can be controlled though the registry.

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