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When station boss Ted Allbeury took over the ship-based Radio 355, the following year, David went with him but life on a boat was not to his taste and he did not stay long.Since the pirates, he has specialised in country music programmes, working for British Forces Broadcasting, the BBC and commercial radio.On both ships “your DJ Mike A” was responsible for the 9am-noon show and became the housewife's favourite.He used a number of different theme tunes including Buckeye by Johnny & The Hurricanes and Soul Sauce by Cal Tjader.For pictures of Mike on Radio Caroline, see Tom Lodge's photo album.There are some more recent photos, taken at the Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio in August 2007, here.

(The feature's name was taken from a radio show he had heard in San Francisco called The Ever Changing Transcendental Multilingual Two-Ton Mustard Seed.) Glenn saw in the New Year with Caroline but left early in 1968.We had no details at all of his later career until September 2005 when we heard from the man himself: “Greetings from New Zealand.A friend's relations from England were visiting nearby and after explaining my involvement with Radio Caroline and Glastonbury Festival, they sent some info they had found on website.But this all changed with the passing of the Marine Offences Act, the law introduced to outlaw the offshore stations. As a result, not much is known about some of the DJs who worked on Radio Caroline after 14th August 1967. All that was revealed at the time was that he was a 25 year old New Zealander who had previously attended broadcasting school in San Francisco.He joined the Caroline South ship in October or November 1967 and presented the 6-9pm show.

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I've been avoiding computers for years and still don't have one but last week saw your website and the 40th reunion Caroline photos etc.. That experience on Caroline, my first radio gig, is still crystal clear in my mind - the tender trips from Amsterdam, the storms, reading the news on Robbie Dale's show, that six to nine pm slot of mine, especially The Two Ton Yellow Mustard Seed, those crazy shows of Johnnie Walker hanging off the side of the ship making contact with the ‘Frinton Flashers’, Spangles Muldoon's mop of peroxide hair and that bunkroom with the ship's spiral transmission mast at the foot of the bed radiating God knows what, and his unbelievably smelly socks, which, by their total potency probably negated the radiation worries.

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