Prom sexual assault campaign

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She said she didn't want anyone to touch her, and she lost weight.

"The deeper I started getting into that depression, I started cutting myself and then I started thinking about suicide," Redmer said. I just really wanted to end it." In September 2016, Redmer said she found herself reliving the horror when she was assaulted again. She threatened violence against the aggressor that time, and Redmer said she was suspended from Chelsea High School as a result.

But she said she wasn't prepared to guide her own daughter through the process of pressing charges against her aggressor.

Redmer said she felt violated, sad, confused and depressed after she was assaulted.

CHELSEA, MI - Like many teens, 16-year-old Chloe Redmer was excited to attend her first prom this weekend.

Going to prom at Chelsea High School with her date and longtime friend - who's a junior on the Bulldog football team - could bring back some bad memories, Redmer said. But you know, at the same time you have to realize that in the end good things happened." Anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress can call the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for free, confidential emotional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We have been blessed with the generosity of supporters and donors.We had a mix of private companies such as Naked Fish, Pena House, Joeten Enterprises, DFS and other businesses.The other student involved faced consequences too, she said, and Redmer didn't want to go through the legal process again in addition to working through the school discipline process.After her 45-day out-of-school suspension, Redmer enrolled at the Washtenaw Alliance for Virtual Education for the rest of the fall semester rather than return to Chelsea High School. Portraits help Chelsea High students explain #Why You Matter Thanks to the support of her family, friends and therapist, Redmer said she is starting to see the positive after what she's been through in the past year. And there was, there really was." Being sexually assaulted changes your life, she said.

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A court record of the case is not available to the public.