Nametrix online dating

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Nametrix online dating

When my friend wanted to name her new baby daughter Bonnie, her husband wasn’t so keen. “You just can’t imagine a heart surgeon or a prime minister called Bonnie,” he said. I don’t know for sure, but I do know there’s an app with the answer!

The Nametrix app takes the name game one step further by giving parents-to-be some insight into their child’s future profession and personality.

In contrast, the list of professions favoured by people named Patrick could have been written for my son – TV editor, stuntman, drummer, pilot, animator – who cares about ability, he would fancy himself in any of those roles!

Although the app was created using data generated in the US, I used the thoroughly Aussie name ‘Kylie’ as a litmus test and it’s safe to say that the app will hold up to whatever names Australian parents throw at it (the name Kylie peaked in 2003 and is most commonly found in the modelling profession).

Then it followed our family's journey through secondary infertility. I had open abdominal surgery during pregnancy and needed her to be strong to get both of us through the ordeal, so I named her after the most ferocious woman I knew - my grandmother. OK, so you probably shouldn't base an important decision like your child's name on some fun facts from an app, but it's still a cool way to pass some time.

When I was young and had no intention of having children, I decided that in the unlikely event I did have a daughter, her name was going to be Victoria. With Nametrix, an app that has analyzed the names of millions of real people and their professions to tell you what people with that name do for a living and how they vote, statistically speaking. Their name on a resume or online dating profile could be grounds for immediate dismissal one day.

After all, who really wants their bundle of joy to be called Hashtag for the rest of their life?

The Nametrix app takes the decision-making process one step further, giving parents-to-be some insight into their child's future profession and personality. lets users search a name, then lists likely professions, political parties and popularity associated with it.

According to Nametrix, Bonnie is a popular name for interior designers, clerical staff and nurses and happily also ranks for doctors and politicians!The following graph shows the weightings for an N=10 triple EMA (most recent days at the left): carries the highest weighting. The easiest way to calculate the triple EMA based on successive values is just to apply the EMA three times, creating single-, then double-, then triple-smoothed series.Want to know everything there is to know about your future child's name?And if the results weren't what you hoped for, would they change your choice? I started this blog when my husband and I were expecting our first child to document my pregnancy and warn people of all the things nobody tells you about. I made all of my friends swear they wouldn't use my name. When the time came and I was trying it out talking to the wriggly little baby in my belly, I just wasn't feeling it. Luckily a quick analysis of her name shows she's likely to be employed in the arts and a liberal. Finding out too late the name you picked has girls working the pole in disproportionate numbers is just not cool. I received no compensation for this post, I just think Nametrix is cool.

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