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Georganism online dating

As part of our decisionmaking process regarding a GE organism's regulatory status, APHIS prepares a plant pest risk assessment to assess its plant pest risk and the appropriate environmental documentation--either an environmental assessment (EA) or an environmental impact statement (EIS)--in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to provide the Agency with a review and analysis of any potential environmental impacts associated with the petition request. For petitions for which APHIS prepares an EA, APHIS will follow our published process for soliciting public comment (see footnote 1) and publish a separate notice in the Federal Register announcing the availability of APHIS' EA and plant pest risk assessment. APHIS-2017-0097] Texas A&M Agri Life Research; Availability of Petition for Determination of Nonregulated Status of Cotton Genetically Engineered for Ultra-Low Gossypol Levels in the Cottonseed AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: We are advising the public that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has received a petition from Texas A&M Agri Life Research seeking a determination of nonregulated status of cotton designated as event TAM66274, which has been genetically engineered for ultra-low gossypol levels in the cottonseed.

The petition is available for public review and comment, and copies are available as indicated under ADDRESSES and FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT above.

TAM66274 cotton is currently regulated under 7 CFR part 340.

Interstate movements and field tests of TAM66274 cotton have been conducted under notifications acknowledged by APHIS.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments by either of the following methods: Postal Mail/Commercial Delivery: Send your comment to Docket No.

APHIS-2017-0097, Regulatory Analysis and Development, PPD, APHIS, Station 3A-03.8, 4700 River Road Unit 118, Riverdale, MD 20737- 1238.

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These and other data are used by APHIS to determine if the new variety poses a plant pest risk. 340.6 provides that APHIS will publish a notice in the Federal Register providing 60 days for public comment for petitions for a determination of nonregulated status.