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The traditional approach to agriculture in this area (and many others) was to remove fallen plant materials such as leaves and dead plants.Geoff kept all organic waste materials to be used as mulch and compost for soil building.This will make it possible to grow vegetables onsite.

The ten acre site is a couple km from the Dead Sea. He is a Permaculture consultant, designer, and teacher with experience in fifty countries on six continents.

After three years establishing the Permaculture site, the project lost funding and was discontinued.

But, a return visit six years later showed that natural processes had continued where human intervention left off.

Deserts are not normally considered agriculturally productive environments. Without an abundance of plants, the soil lacks organic materials and nutrition necessary to grow healthy food.

A project in one of the driest places on Earth is proving that Permaculture principles and techniques can transform even the most brutal ecosystem into an oasis garden.

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