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Athimathuram online dating

Among that factors [1] which cause PCOS are: Genetic problems PCOS is a genetically inheritable disease.There is 50 percent of chance for women to affect by PCOS hereditarily from mother or sister if they had hormonal problems.In this PCOS more than 12 tiny cysts present in the ovary.It may cause due to genetic problem or lifestyle factors.This review interrupts the solution to reduce the risk and ill effects of PCOS with help of siddha medicine which is the best, nil side effects, and cheapest medicinal system.

But for the patients with PCOS this follicle stops its maturity and the ovulation does not occur.

Effects of PCOS Some of the symptoms of PCOS [2] are: • Pregnancy problems • Abnormal menstrual cycle • Unwanted hair growth • Acne formation • Excess weight gain around hip and stomach • Decreases insulin resistance so that more chance for diabetes or gestational diabetes.

• Improper cholesterol level • Imbalance in lipids • Infertility • Triglyceride problems • Increase in androgen level • Hair loss • Weight gain • Skin dryness Figure 1 represents the effects of PCOS whose description are as follows: • Increase in androgen level: It may cause unwanted hair growth on face, thighs, back, tummy and nipples.

It is called as syndrome because it shows many symptoms.

It is also named as polycystic ovary disease, stein Leventhal syndrome or hyper androgen anovulation syndrome.

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Life style factors In a daily life, one of the important roles is to maintain the glucose level of body after consuming the food.

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